The Advantages of Organic Baby Towels

The Advantages of Organic Baby Towels



Most babies and toddlers love to bathe because in the water babies like in the womb can move weightlessly and they relax very well in the warm water. Bathing must be well prepared so that bathing fun continues after the bath. Because babies and toddlers are susceptible and react with resentment to temperature fluctuations after bathing. This is because babies cannot yet regulate their body temperature so well. Therefore, the most important utensil when bathing, next to the bathtub, is one cosy, soft and absorbent bath towel after the bath - preferably made of organic cotton. Would you like to keep your baby or child warm after bathing? Then there is one organic towel the perfect solution!

The towels are available in different colours, patterns and qualities. A large towel is a must-have for the little one. It is ideal in the bathroom but is also very suitable for use after baby swims in the pool, for a walk on the beach, at a water park or in the south. The size of the bath towels that you can find at our store allows keeping your baby warm and dry after playing in the water. It's a good buy as you can enjoy it from birth and for a few years.



What properties should a towel have for babies?

A baby bath towel should be made of a soft, absorbent material that keeps your child warm and dry. It should also have a hood to protect your child's head from the cold. Find a towel big enough to wrap around your child and choose one with a cute design or pattern or bright colour that your child will love.

The properties that a baby bath towel should have at a glance:

  • Soft and cosy
  • Suctionable bath towel
  • Hypoallergenic organic cotton
  • Plastic-free baby towel

A bath towel for babies should have a hood or be large enough to protect the baby's head from the cold. After bathing and washing your hair, the hood of the bath towel is put over the wet hair so that the baby does not freeze on the head, because the head and face are particularly sensitive to heat and cool down quickly.

Why should a cotton bath towel be used?

One of the most important features is that it should be made from clean cotton. Cotton - is a natural material, free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. In addition, organic cotton is soft, absorbent and hypoallergenic, i.e. it does not irritate the skin.

Our cotton terry towels are one step further and are free of harmful chemicals and dyes. In turn, they are dyed with herbal concussions providing various wellness benefits and beautiful, natural colour. Another important feature that you should pay attention to is that baby bath towels are plastic-free. Plastic-free towels are more environmentally friendly and can also cause less skin irritation.

Choose a towel that can be washed in the machine and is so hard-wearing that it can withstand many washes. Both bath towels made of terry as well as from muslin can be hygienically washed in the washing machine at suitable temperatures.

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