What Is Bamboo Fabric

What Is Bamboo Fabric

'Bamboo fabric' refers to a textile different from conventional textiles from a bamboo plant. Fabrics have been made from bamboo plants for many years. In recent times, making this sturdy and fast-growing timber into fabric is perfected. Some types of bamboo fabric are environmentally friendly and produced legally. But in some processes, it harms the environment or the workers who make it. To understand that you are picking a suitable bamboo fabric, it is vital to understand the fabric better before buying from bamboo fabric manufacturers.

The way bamboo fabric is created:

Two processes are presently used to create bamboo: fabric from bamboo mechanical and a chemical process.

  • Mechanical process

The bamboo’s wood part is smashed into a pulp during the mechanical process. After that, it is broken down utilising enzymes, and the material can be combed and rotated into yarn. The benefit of this process is bamboo fabric has a linen-like feel. It has antifungal and antimicrobial effects, ultraviolet protection, and an anti-static nature. It has fast moisture drying and absorption capabilities, so the fabric can keep you warm in cool weather and chilly in warm weather.

  • Chemical process.

Modern bamboo clothes are often made from chemically processed bamboo to beat the high cost of viscose rayon. This rayon is created by crushing and absorbing the bamboo in sodium hydroxide. In this process, the bamboo liquefies the cellulose to form fibres. 

How Is Bamboo Fabric Used?

This fabric is generally suitable for almost any application where cotton is utilised. Some customers might even choose this cloth from bamboo fabric suppliers in India over cotton because of its numerous advantages.

For example,

  • Bamboo cloth is both breathable and stretchier than cotton.
  • It is simple to make this fabric into textiles that have substantial thread counts. The resultant textiles are frequently thinner than their cotton counterparts while maintaining similar or better tensility.
  • Bamboo fabric is suitable for household textiles, including sheets, blankets, and hand towels. However, this fabric is most typically used in apparel for its softness and endurance.
  • This fabric is best for knickers, but it is also used to produce socks, T-shirts and other clothes that touch the skin directly.
  • Because this fabric has alleged antibacterial properties, some customers prefer using it for intimate clothing. However, research has shown that the antibacterial characteristics for which bamboo is well-known are only present in the natural product. Antibacterial benefits are lost once this sort of wood is processed into clothes.

It is vital to remember that solely bamboo cloth created using mechanical procedures will have the desirable characteristics that buyers seek. Bamboo rayon and other semi-synthetic materials are not as soft or good as natural fibres, and their antibacterial properties are minimal.

Bamboo fabric is an artificial textile created from the pulp of bamboo plants. Bamboo used to make fabrics is easily renewed and does not require chemicals to thrive. Bamboo is regarded as one of the most ecological plants due to its rapid growth, lack of chemical or irrigation requirements, and faster biodegradation than oil-based synthetics.

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