Crafting Sustainable Fashion Through Hand Knitting and Hand Crochet

At Miho, we believe that fashion is supposed to be not just trendy, comfortable and functional, but also kind to our planet and community. Miho, as a sustainable fashion design firm based in the heartland of exquisite textiles and talent, India - we are dedicated to bringing you customizable, low minimum order quantity hand-knitted and hand-crocheted products that reflect your vision, function and values.

Our commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and creativity is our USP.


About Us

At Miho, we embrace the art of slow fashion and believe in wellness promoting fashion. Our skilled artisans – mainly women in small village clusters with years of experience meticulously handcraft every piece, infusing positive energy, love, passion and expertise into each stitch. With a deep respect for tradition and skill added with an eye for contemporary trend shifts, we create fashion, accessories and lifestyle products that tells a story – your story. We celebrate the humanly and nature bind imperfections that make every creation truly alive - ensuring that your conscious choice is a statement of your individuality.

Our Services

Hand Knitting:

Our hand-knitted pieces are a testament to the timeless knowledge and versatility of knitting. From cozy sweaters and cardigans to stylish scarves and shawls, and unconventional knit products like accessories, lifestyle products etc. our skilled artisans knit the love filled warmth and comfort that only hand-knitted garments can provide. We use sustainable and ethically-sourced materials, prioritizing quality, durability and trust.


Hand Crochet:

Crochet can interloop one’s dreams into reality. Our hand-crocheted items are a blend of traditional stitches and innovative products. From a delicate summer dress, a bohemian top, intricate accessories, or the unconventional idea you always wanted to try! Our artisans will create one of a kind patterns that are as versatile and functional as they are stunning.

Sustainability and Ethics

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond crafting timeless pieces. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials, local resources, appreciating local community and their art, reducing waste, upcycling and embracing fair labour practices. By choosing Miho, you not only invest in statement worthy fashion but also in a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone.



Your vision is our inspiration. We offer personalized design consultations to understand your preferences and style. We design, source, innovate and produce according to your needs. Whatever you are dreaming of, we can bring your imagination to tactile. Our artisans will work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring that it is a true reflection of your vision.

Popular product categories include:
Hand Knitted Sweaters, Hand Knitted Pullover, Hand Knitted Beanies, Hand knitted Baby Sets, Baby Sweaters, Socks, Caps, Mittens, Swaddles, Cushion, Blanket, Muffler, Scarf, Lamp shade, Hand Crochet Bags, Tops, Hair Accessories etc.

National and International Reach

Miho serves both national and international clients. With a seamless online platform, easy communication channels and attention to your vision, we bring our skill to your doorstep, no matter where you are. Our team will ensure that your Miho experience is nothing short of exceptional, convenient, no matter your location. We believe in building trust and join the reform in the industry.

Tap into your one step solution where ideas come to life and fashion meets artistic sustainability. Embrace the value of hand-knitted and hand-crocheted creations that are a story, celebrate tradition, and contribute to a better world in more than one ways.

Join us at Miho, where every stitch is a step towards a more conscious and stylish future.

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