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Sustainable Clothing Made Best With A Dedicated Clothing Manufacturer

The clothing industry is utterly fascinating and keeps offering one or the other styling option for everyone. Some prefer baggy comfortable clothes, while others may always want a crisp look. There will also be different choices for colors including pastel, vibrant, monochrome, contrasting, and so on. Another obvious preference would be based on the type of fabric like cotton, silk, hemp, etc. But, have you ever heard about a specific category offered by sustainable clothing wholesale suppliers?

If this sounds like something new and interesting, we are here to throw light on this concept for you through this post. Stick around with Wear Miho to know more about this fabulous and gorgeous kind of clothing.

Getting to know sustainable clothing better!

The wave of sustainability is getting intensified lately and more and more people are taking a dive into this concept. Beliefs like environment friendliness and social responsibilities are making their way to a large section of society. Resultantly, people are now trying to include the same mannerism even in their fashion statements including clothing.

This is where the idea of sustainable clothing comes into the scenario in both national and international markets. And, we at Wear Miho are here to carry the same ideology in every part of the world by being the ultimate sustainable fabric supplier.

  • What is sustainable clothing all about?

Sustainable clothing refers to garments that are designed or produced keeping in mind that they minimize harm to the environment, promote ethical practices, reduce wastage, and even respect human rights. It demands everything to be friendly to the planet and the people wearing or making it.

It begins with using eco-friendly materials like bamboo or recycled fibres. Herbal dyes can also be a part of this kind of clothing. Moving ahead, even the processes of creating sustainable fabric are kept eco-friendly which generally focuses on reducing carbon emissions and water usage.

Prioritizing durability and recyclability are some of the other aspects that fall under this type of clothing. Overall, sustainable clothing is about creating a fashion industry that operates in harmony with nature and society. The primary aim is to adopt a responsible and sustainable approach to clothing production and consumption.

Each member at Wear Miho promises to be a part of our goal where we wish to be the leading sustainable clothing manufacturer.

  • What advantage does sustainable clothing have?

As the name implies, this type of clothing is better than the typical options because of its eco-friendly attribute. Sustainable clothing reduces the strain on natural resources by using organic or recycled materials, eventually contributing to a greener planet.

Also, they are preferable for offering an alternative to conventional textiles, which otherwise often have detrimental effects on ecosystems besides contributing to pollution and exploitation. This approach reduces textile waste.

Not to forget, this type furthermore promotes fair labor practices, ensuring that workers receive fair wages, operate in safe conditions, and are not subjected to exploitative practices. So, the focus here is to facilitate social justice and worker rights.

In short, sustainable fabrics are well-known to minimize harm to the environment, conserve resources, and even prioritize the well-being of workers. Wear Miho is utterly dedicated to being a sincere sustainable clothing manufacturer and we take in every step to promote planet health and worker fairness.

  • How to ensure buying from the best manufacturers?

As understood from the above info, a lot of thought and effort goes into the making of sustainable clothing. One has to see that wastage is reduced and the environment is not harmed at any step in the process. Thus, when it comes to selecting a sustainable fabric supplier, you must be a bit careful and finalize your selection after considering a few crucial aspects.

Some of the must-see key factors while choosing a supplier or manufacturer for sustainable clothing are mentioned below so that you are certain of credibility and sustainability.

  1. Environmental Focus

Without saying, the first attribute you should look for is that the supplier or manufacturer pays utmost attention to the environmental impact of their activities, processes, and clothing products. A reputable supplier will adopt every possible measure to minimize their ecological footprint and use organic materials.

We take pride in saying that Miho products are 100% toxin free and offer 100% recyclable clothing. From using natural fibres to herbal medicinal dyes, we are very particular about keeping everything purely organic for our clothing.

  1. People Welfare

When it comes to sustainable clothing, it is not just about making the clothing organic. It also includes thinking and working for the best of the people around you. Thus, if you are looking for a worthy supplier, it is suggested to see if they are people-centric. Supporting local communities and promoting workers; rights will be a plus point.

Miho is happy to be a people-conscious sustainable clothing manufacturer in India because we ensure the sourcing of every required material ethically from the locals. Our products are handcrafted by artisans. We strive to generate fair income and livelihood opportunities for the locals.

  1. Transparency Everywhere

It is highly imperative for a client to check if the manufacturer is transparent in dealing because nobody would want to end up buying faux sustainability. A reliable sustainable clothing supplier should be transparent about their supply chain and should be able to provide information about the materials used, manufacturing processes, etc.

By choosing us, you will be ensured of timely and transparent information about practices, processes, and products made by us. We are committed to sustainability and wish to reinforce your trust by being accountable for everything.

  1. Collaborative Support

You should ideally be choosing suppliers willing to collaborate and support the community in any possible way. Some of the interesting ways here will include offering guidance, sharing knowledge, and providing resources to customers. This becomes necessary as it shows that the brand is interested in helping others make informed choices.

If this is what you seek, Miho is sure to serve you in the best way. Check our website for information on how we work and why our approach is better for the planet and for you. our team is actively responsive in addressing your inquiries.

  1. Innovative Range

Lastly, you can check the variety, type, and quality of sustainable options offered by the supplier. Buying from someone who offers a diverse range of clothing becomes convenient as you can shop for multiple things from one store. Look for greater creative possibilities and see if the brand meets your specific needs.

Miho is delighted to share that we have an assortment of products ranging from bibs, nappies, caps, towels, tees, lowers, hoodies, toys, and a lot more. Pick from vibrant colors or pastel ones. We are sure there is something for everyone.

Bonus point

At Miho, we are keenly concerned about investing in research and development areas so that we can either create new sustainable materials or innovate the existing ones for you. Continuous improvement and sincere sustainability are everything that matters to us.

So, if you choose us for your needs for sustainable fabric, we promise to stay true to our words and never let you down. Get in touch with us today to get the sustainable clothing options that you are looking for in the market.


What is the most environmentally friendly fabric?
Different ranges of eco-friendly fabrics are available in the market, like organic cotton, recycled cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo linen, econyl, deadstock fabric and a lot more.
Is 100% cotton a sustainable fabric?
Cotton can be sustainable fabric depending upon the supply chain but it is definitely a very good and readily available natural fiber. The finishes and dyes can incorporate a lot of chemicals additionally to the fabric. We make sure to use Azo free dyes and Ayurvedic Dyes to keep it as sustainable and gentle on skin as possible.
Are natural fabrics sustainable?
Yes, natural fabrics are more sustainable rather than synthetic fabrics. It is entirely renewable and reduces environmental impact and carbon footprint.
What fabrics are 100% biodegradable?
Natural fabrics, including hemp, organic cotton, wool, hemp, and Tencel, are more 100% biodegradable whereas human-made fabrics such as nylon and polyester take centuries.
Is silk a sustainable fabric?
Silk is a completely bio-degradable, sustainable and long-lasting fabric. It creates a more significant environmental impact rather than other materials. Silk developments like Ahimsa Silk are proving to be better alternatives.

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