Collection: Ayurvedic Tie and Dye 100% Cotton Unisex Tee

Introducing our 100% cotton Unisex Baby T-shirts—each one a tiny masterpiece, tie-dyed with natural Ayurvedic dyes for vibrant colours that are gentle on your little one's skin.

Crafted with love and care, these shirts feature playful patterns and the empowering slogan "Tiny Planet Protector" printed on the back.

Designed for comfort and style, our t-shirts are perfect for your baby's everyday adventures. Made from the softest cotton, they provide breathability and freedom of movement, whether your little explorer is crawling, playing, or snuggling up for storytime.

But what truly sets these shirts apart is their eco-friendly credentials. Our Ayurvedic dyes ensure that no harmful chemicals touch your baby's delicate skin, offering peace of mind with every wear. Plus, each shirt is a testament to sustainability, with tie-dye patterns that celebrate craftsmanship and tradition.

With our 100% cotton baby t-shirts, you're not just dressing your little one—you're making a statement. Embrace the magic of natural dyes, the comfort of soft cotton, and the joy of unique tie-dye designs. Choose sustainability. Choose style. Choose our "Tiny Planet Protector" baby t-shirts.