हमें जाने

मिहो में, पुनर्चक्रित और पुनर्चक्रण योग्य प्राकृतिक रेशों को स्थानीय विक्रेताओं से प्राप्त किया जाता है और आयुर्वेद की सदियों पुरानी चिकित्सा प्रणाली से प्राप्त हर्बल उपचारों में रंगा जाता है। स्वास्थ्य को बढ़ावा देने वाले ये परिधान, कुशल कारीगरों द्वारा प्यार और देखभाल के साथ हस्तनिर्मित हैं। संसाधनो के पुनर्उपयोग और न्यूनतम प्रभाव की दृष्टि से, हम अपने ग्रह के प्रति भी दयालु हैं। हम कच्चे, खूबसूरती से बने, जागरूक और जिज्ञासु हैं - बिल्कुल आपके छोटे बच्चों की तरह।

Only At Miho

  • Recycled & Recyclable Natural Fibre

  • Herbal Medicinal Dyes

  • Ethically Sourced from Locals

  • Handcrafted by Artisans

The Founder

Parushi Garg, a small-town girl from Aligarh, was inspired by the beauty of diverse cultures, stories and nature. During her graduation from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mumbai in knitwear design, she leaned towards the concept of sustainability in Indian arts and crafts. This resulted in her design project named “Saar” - an ayurvastra zero waste design collection. The project represented the institution in an international competition. Through her work experience in a sustainable textile brand, brand-building agency, a knitwear startup and many more sustainability-related projects she discovered the need and will of giving her project a chance to serve. After two years of further research, development and replanning, she build her baby, Miho - a herbal dyed infant wear brand.

Ayurvastra - The Medicinal Dyes

Ayurvastra has a long history developed by Siddha and promoted by kings of Thamizhagam Cheras, Cholas, and Pandiyas during the first century. Ayurvedic textiles were made by weavers and supplied to kings and royal families. It is an age-old dyeing concept which is a combination of Ayurveda science and fabric, where the dyed cloth works as a mediator in carrying the goodness of ayurvedic herbs and transferring it through the skin pores into the body, thus providing wellness. The herbal concussion does not contaminate the water. The residue left after dyeing can also be reused. Solid and liquid waste is separated through filtration and is returned as manure and water to the farming fields. Many clinical experiments have shown the effectiveness of Ayurvastra. It was found that it can help those suffering from skin diseases, arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes and in some cases even cancer.

Ayurvastra creates garments infused with prana (life force).

The Miho Family

We are not alone, a change needs one voice and hundreds of hearts to start. We work with small artisanal clusters based out of rural india. We source from the local vendors to find the hidden gems. We have young minds bubbling with new ideas and exploring their old souls. We have a team of experienced ammas and nanis guiding us all through the way with their list of do’s and don'ts of desi nuskhas and another thousands of people helping us transport, tag, dye, sew, edit, grow herbs, and whatnot. Most importantly we have is You! The believers in no change is small, the activists with immense love for nature, the social workers with kind patriotism and the wellwishers who want nothing but the balance for the future to come.

Our Commitments

  • 100% Toxin Free

  • Perfect for Baby Health and Looks

  • 100% Recyclable

Miho Impact

  • Strengthening Indian Roots

    We believe in the spirit of our culture and its codependent nature. We are working towards uplifting indian arts, crafts and practises into a more urban use for the diversity. The local craftsmen are the masters of their skill and serve their art with empathy, love and care. The local vendors are the mines of hidden gems, they work their experience to only get the best for you.

  • Sustainability is Circular

    Sustainability is a journey of accepting what is required and take conscious steps towards its end use. Repurposing of the products and by products back into cycle while ensuring its decomposition is our path to achieve the circularity in system. There is no way forward without taking a conscious effort. It is a continuous process, of knowing differently, doing differently and being differently.

  • Foundation of The Future

    We believe in the purpose of giving back to the society which builds the foundation of our today and tomorrow. Understanding their needs and potential to plan activities and trainings for the underprivileged is our first step. The will to be better is a human emotion. You will be surprised to see their contribution in making things better.